Psychologist vs. Psychiatrist

A psychologist is a clinician with a doctoral degree. If you need to have testing, this is the person you will need to see. Our psychologists also offer therapy services.

If you need to make an appointment to get medication to treat depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions, you will need to see a psychiatrist.

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Southwest Counseling Service currently has one psychologist providing psychological evaluations in Rock Springs and Green River locations.



There are many types of psychological testing performed at Southwest Counseling Service:

  • Achievement and aptitude tests measure either how much you know about a certain topic (i.e., your achieved knowledge), such as mathematics or spelling, or how much of a capacity you have (i.e., your aptitude) to master material in a particular area, such as mechanical relationships.

  • Intelligence tests measure your intelligence potential, not what you have already learned. At Southwest Counseling Service, we can perform these tests on children as young as six.

  • Personality tests measure your basic personality style. At Southwest Counseling Service, we are able to measure an individual’s personality with either objective or projective tests.

  • Specific clinical tests measure specific clinical matters, such as your current level of anxiety or depression. ADHD testing and Autism Spectrum Disorder screenings can also be completed here.

  • Neuropsychological tests attempt to measure deficits in cognitive functioning, such as your ability to think, speak, reason, etc., that may result from some sort of brain damage, such as a stroke or brain injury. We do not provide neuropsychological testing services at SCS at this time. We do, however, have the ability to do IQ testing, Memory testing, and Achievement testing. If you are seeking a neuropsychological evaluation, please contact us and we can provide you with an appropriate referral.



Typically, we offer the following psychological evaluations:

  • Department of Family Services (DFS)/Court-ordered evaluations: These evaluations are referred by DFS or the court usually consisting of a clinical interview, personality testing, and mental health or behavioral screening measures. These evaluations are requested to help make treatment recommendations. Southwest Counseling Service does not offer custody evaluations.

  • Social Security Disability Determination Services (SSDDS): SSDDS requests evaluations for people applying for disability. These may include IQ or Memory testing or may simply be a background interview involve a Mental Status Evaluation. SSDDS schedules these evaluations for their clients. If you have questions about an SSDDS evaluation, please call and talk to the psychologist.

  • Developmental Disability (DD) Waiver: The DD Waiver program requires applicants to complete evaluations in order to gain and maintain eligibility under their program. These evaluations may include intelligence testing, Autism screening, an Adaptive Functioning questionnaire, and gathering information about developmental issues.

  • Pre-employment evaluations: These are often completed for police department applicants.

  • ADHD Testing: This involves a clinical interview, diagnostic questionnaires, and a computerized ADHD assessment measure.

  • Pre-Surgical Evaluations: Individuals wanting to go through various weight loss surgeries or a spinal cord stimulator trial are typically required to have a psychological evaluation first. These evaluations involve a clinical interview, a mental status evaluation, personality testing, and other screening measures.

  • A variety of other evaluations requested by individuals, family members, or Southwest Counseling Service staff to clarify treatment needs.

To schedule a psychological evaluation, please call (307) 352-6680 or (307) 875-5515. If you have questions about psychological testing, our psychologist would be happy to speak with you. Our licensed psychologist is:

Mark T. Gibson, Ph.D.