Psychological Evaluations FAQ

1. How long should I plan to be there for my evaluation?

There will be paperwork required prior to meeting with the psychologist. Once paperwork is completed, your evaluation is generally scheduled for three to four hours, though it may only take an hour depending upon how many tests are being performed. Please call ahead of time if you are concerned about how long your particular appointment will last.

2. What kind of testing will be done?

Psychologists at Southwest Counseling Service can test personality, intelligence, achievement, and memory and answer other types of questions. Each test is different and some require you to fill out forms on your own, some require you to answer questions using a computer, and others involve the psychologist sitting with you at a table while you complete various tasks. The psychologist will gather as much information as possible in the given amount of time to make accurate diagnoses and offer appropriate recommendations.

3. Why did the Social Security Disability Determination Service (SSDDS) refer me for a psychological evaluation? My disability is for a medical problem. I don’t have mental health problems.

SSDDS will most likely request as much information as possible from medical providers. However, they often want information about your memory, intelligence, and mental health functioning as well. In these cases, they contract with Southwest Counseling Service to provide these evaluations.

4. How long will it take to get in, and how long until the results are sent out?

We currently have two psychologists providing a combined total of six to eight evaluations weekly in Rock Springs and Green River. We are usually scheduled out two or three weeks, but will get you in as quickly as possible. Once the testing is completed, your evaluator will score the tests and write up a report. This report will be sent out within two weeks of the date of the evaluation.

5. How much will this cost?

Many of the evaluations done at Southwest Counseling Service are referred by other agencies. Most of these are paid for by the referral source. Evaluations that are court-ordered, self-referred, or for medical purposes, such as pre-surgical, are usually paid for by the individual.

Your insurance will be billed first, but if your insurance does not cover the evaluation, you are responsible to make sure the bill is paid. If you want to bill your insurance, please call your insurance company for pre-approval. Most self-pay evaluations are $450 at this time.

6. Do I need to see a psychiatrist or a psychologist?

These two words can be confusing. If you would like to make an appointment to get medication to treat depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions, you will need to see a psychiatrist.

A psychologist is a counselor or a therapist with a doctoral degree. If you need to have testing, this is the person you will need to see.

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