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Underage Drinking

Parents Who Host Lose The Most

Program to educate parents, community members, school employees and youth about the dangers and  consequences of providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.

ID Scanners

These ID scanners will be available for all community events that serve alcohol, free of charge along with a community events checklist for safe events. This strategy was chosen to hopefully reduce underage drinking.

Hosting TIPS Training

Our coalition will be providing a TIPS safe beverage server train the trainer for community members, law enforcement, alcohol industry staff, and members of the Events Complex Board to increase the number of TIPS trainings held in our community.

Binge Drinking

Safe Ride Voucher Program

The Safe Ride Voucher Program will be provided by local taxi and Uber drivers.  “Safe rides” will be at no cost to the person utilizing the ride. Our coalition is partnering with alcohol industry leaders on this strategy.

Hosting TIPS Training

Our coalition will be promoting TIPS training to bar and restaurant servers and bartenders to reduce binge/ underage drinking.

Community Events Checklist

A comprehensive community events checklist will be developed to create recommendations for those who obtain a liquor license for special events to reduce binge drinking and social availability of alcohol to our minors at our community events.

Standard Drink Size Cups For Community Events

Standard sized, clear disposable cups will be available for community events with a message to prevent binge drinking. Our coalition will be partnering with alcohol industry leaders to distribute the cups.


Tobacco Cessation Groups

Our coalition will be providing tobacco cessation classes to assist community members in quitting. We will also be promoting the Wyoming Tobacco Quitline to reduce the number of individuals who use tobacco products.

Smoke Free/E-Cigarette Free Signs

Our coalition will be providing smoke-free/e-cigarette free signs to local business establishments as well as provide community education on the dangers of tobacco use and second-hand smoke. With the increasing use of e-cigarettes, it is a necessity to educate about the dangers of e-cigarettes.

E-Cigarette Ordinances For Rock Springs And Green River

Our coalition plans to promote the new e-cigarette ordinances for both the City of Green River and Rock Springs to prevent youth initiation and use of e-cigarettes.

Vaping Prevention Plus Program

Our coalition will provide a vaping prevention program to middle and high schools to educate youth on the dangers of vaping to prevent new use as well as reduce the number of adolescents who vape.

Opioid And Other Drugs

Promotion Of Deterra Drug Deactivation Bags

Our coalition will be educating and providing Deterra drug deactivation bags to local agencies and community members which allows individuals to dispose of medications properly.

Promotion Of Medication Lock Boxes

Our coalition will be promoting the use of medication lock boxes to local agencies and community members to provide a safe and secure place for individuals to put their prescribed medications out of reach of small children, teens and other individuals in hopes to reduce accidental overdoses and theft.

Promote Sweetwater County Medication Drop Boxes

Our coalition will be promoting the use of medication drop boxes to community which allow anyone to safely and properly dispose of any unused medications.

Provide Additional Location For Medication Drop Box

Our coalition will be providing an additional medication drop box at Southwest Counseling Service. By increasing the amount of medication drop boxes in our community, we hope to see more unused medications being disposed of properly.


Mental Health First Aid Training

Our coalition will be providing Mental Health First Aid Trainings for community members, law enforcement and school officials. Mental Health First Aid aims to teach individuals how to respond in a mental health emergency and offer support to someone who appears in emotional distress.

QPR Training

Our coalition will be providing Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) suicide prevention trainings for community members, law enforcement and school officials. QPR provides individuals with education on the signs of suicide and how to help someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts.

CIT Trainings To Develop Crisis Intervention Team

Our coalition plans to aid in the development of a functioning Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) in our community. With the increase of suicide deaths in our county, key stakeholders feel it is beneficial to begin a crisis intervention team which is a community partnership of law enforcement, mental health and addiction professionals, individuals who live with mental illness and/or addiction disorders, their families, and other advocates. The goal is to help persons with mental disorders and addictions access treatment rapidly.

Gun Locks

Our coalition will be promoting and distributing free gun locks to local gun shops, police departments, and to the community to decrease access to weapons for high risk individuals contemplating suicide.

Suicide Attempt Packets For Sweetwater County Memorial Hospital

Our coalition will be providing suicide support packets to individuals who have attempted suicide. These packets will help guide individuals going through a crisis situation and will provide information on available community resources, coping skills resources and supportive information.

Sweetwater County Prevention Team

Southwest Counseling Service
2300 Foothill Blvd.
Rock Springs, WY  82901
(307) 352-6677

Danielle Deters, BA
Prevention Specialist

Megan Weston, BS
Prevention Specialist

Laura Schid-Pizzato, LCSW
Manager of Recovery Services