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Southwest Counseling Service is a part of the Wyoming Association of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers (WAMHSAC).

The WAMHSAC is made up of the mental health and substance abuse centers throughout the state of Wyoming that serve as the delivery system for state funded public mental health and substance abuse treatment. 

Additional Information

  • All centers have a volunteer governing board. 

  • All WAMHSAC participants are accredited and meet national standards regarding treatment services.

  • Services are designed to meet the needs of each center’s community. Client involvement and input are key to the development of these services. 

  • The WAMHSAC is comprised of 20 centers throughout Wyoming that provide outpatient and/or residential mental health and substance abuse prevention and treatment services. 

  • WAMHSAC centers provide a comprehensive array of services, making it possible for clients to access all mental health and substance abuse treatment needs. This approach reduces duplication, produces collaborative efforts, and provides the best opportunity for a seamless system of care, which means better care for you and your loved ones. 

  • WAMHSAC centers provide sliding fees and accept most insurance, to help make treatment affordable