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The Bridges Program provides individuals dealing with a serious mental illness with many different types of therapy and services. We understand that each individual is different and unique, and we work to meet these individual needs.

Agency-Based Treatment

Agency-based treatment involves working with individuals and/or families on a therapeutic level at the agency.

Community-Based Treatment

Community-based treatment provides therapy to individuals and/or families in their homes and in the community.

Individual Rehabilitation Services (IRS)

Individual Rehabilitation Services focus on assisting an individual in restoring any basic adult daily living skills he/she may need to function independently in the home and the community.

Job Coaching

Our professional staff works with individuals in the program to help them obtain employment. A job coach follows each individual closely, offering support and ensuring a successful transition into the workforce.

For more information on these treatments and services, please contact our Ankeny location at (307) 352-6689.