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Residential treatment programs are one of the most effective methods of achieving long-term recovery from addiction. Southwest Counseling Service provides three residential treatment programs for adult men and women suffering from substance abuse/dependency depending on each individual’s needs.

Therapeutic Community

The Therapeutic Community is a long-term, six- to 12-month residential treatment program for individuals with severe substance abuse disorders and criminal behavior. It is highly structured, confrontational, and an effective alternative to jail or prison.

Women’s Addiction Program

Southwest Counseling Service’s Women’s Addiction Program was the first program in the state of Wyoming that allowed pregnant women and mothers with substance abuse addiction to receive intensive residential treatment while maintaining their responsibilities to their children. The children are in the program with their mothers, allowing the women the opportunity to enhance parenting and life skills.


Our residential treatment programs offer a number of other benefits:

  • They offer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • They offer a variety of services giving holistic care to the individual.
  • They provide a safe environment for individuals to leave their harmful environment and focus on helping themselves and their recovery. 
  • The therapeutic community allows individuals to live and learn with the support of other recovering addicts. 
  • Treatment provides daily structure and support while individuals deal with addiction. This also helps recovering addicts rebuild their lives after treatment. 

For more information on these programs, please call (307) 352-6677.